Make Today’s Emergencies Disappear as Soon as Tomorrow!

Since 2020, the patented UpRight Rapid Rack Repair™ solution has realized pallet rack repair timelines that shatter expectations. The status quo of waiting MONTHS for critical repairs has been replaced by emergency repairs in as little as 24 HOURS! *

Such a claim seems outlandish – even impossible. But with the patented parts and process of UpRight it’s not an empty boast. It’s a seismic shift in what can be expected from a pallet rack repair partner.

Rapid Response

Upon identifying critical pallet rack damage and quickly moving through the Critical Damage Response, you now need the damaged rack repaired FAST!

The MTAC Rapid Response is one-day emergency service to repair a critically damaged teardrop roll-formed (3″, 4″, or metric) or structural frame within 24 hours of your purchase order and authorization to proceed.

MTAC Industrial Solutions has more than 25 years of experience and expertise in responding quickly and safely to pallet rack emergencies utilizing specialty tools and exclusive equipment, including:

The proprietary UpLift™ Rack Jack solutions enable a temporary lifting of the wire decks on the lowest beams, allowing repairs to be made while goods remain loaded, and perfectly in place on the shelves.

The exclusive UpHold™ Tower Jack system secures frames above the damage, locking them in place while repairs to only the damaged area are completed. The frame never moves out of its vertical position.

Preventing a pallet rack collapse is all about speed, and damage not repaired quickly enough can be as dangerous as damaged not repaired at all. In the vital effort to prevent damage from turning into disaster there is simply NO POSSIBLE WAY to repair pallet rack damage FASTER than with UpRight Rapid Rack Repair and the MTAC Rapid Response!

Mission possible

The genesis of 24-hour pallet rack repair came in 2022. MTAC received a call from a facility in a client’s network (but for which they had not done work) that had an emergency situation. Their rack had sustained a forklift strike that sheared the vertical post from the bolted footplate. This critical damage impact had left goods stored on the rack essentially defying gravity. The vendor they expected to help gave a lead time of three weeks, despite having repair kits already stored onsite

With only five aisles, and two of them closed due to collapse threat concerns, 40% of the facility was now inaccessible and stress over frustratingly long delays for repairs only compounded. Colleagues advised they contact MTAC, which was already working in their network. 

When the site reached out, MTAC shared that they could perform the repair within 24 hours of receiving a PO. The client was dumbfounded, and stated that they wanted to personally see how everything could possibly be done so quickly. Despite their disbelief (and a roughly 14-hour drive time), 23.5 hours after PO, MTAC walked out of the aisle – Job Done! 

Such IMPOSSIBLE timelines are now business as usual with UpRight Rapid Rack Repair.

If you suspect your pallet rack damage may be critical, PLEASE CALL 503-UPRIGHT for immediate assistance and to schedule a rapid pallet rack repair as the situation requires.


24-hour critical pallet rack damage repair assumes baseline site data has been collected, rack style matches an UpRight solution, and the facility is within 16 hours of MTAC’s Indianapolis location.