We are very pleased to have this opportunity to assist you with your pallet rack repair needs. Please fill out this form to allow MTAC to more accurately quote your initial ‘baseline’ assessment where we will gather the relevant math that drives the engineering of your system, any specific details that are relevant, as well any damage found, per our ‘Damage Assessment Guide’ found on our website www.uprightrackrepair.com.


This information will be placed in our library for future reference to more quickly and accurately work to solution when emergencies arise, as well as to be able to resolve any future repairs without necessarily having to visit, we may only need pictures in most cases to be able to respond. These pictures will need to be from several different angles at each instance of damage, to provide a clear way to tell the location of said damage.


However, we are always happy to create a plan and schedule visits as often as desired, be it monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Due to the amount of time, both on site and traveling to and from your site, there will be a cost for each visit. In order to give you a quote for this baseline assessment, we request that you answer the following questions to the best of your ability to help us understand how much time we may need to allow for our assessment.


Thank you again for this opportunity, we hope this is the beginning of a strong business relationship.

CrunchTime Damage Assessment™ Scouting Report