is my Damage Critical?

CRITICAL DAMAGE designates a pallet rack post which has lost most or all of its load-carrying capability and a rack collapse may be imminent – despite the fact that everything is still in place. If damage appears to be critical, immediate repair is needed. The affected area and surrounding aisles should be immediately evacuated and a Critical Damage Response protocol initiated (see below).

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The moment a pallet rack sustains critical damage a catastrophic collapse is a real possibility. A pallet rack collapse can happen suddenly and without warning. In this event, the damaged rack becomes the first domino in a disaster that threatens the entire facility, and the lives of the workers in it. Critical damage is a unique and urgent threat that requires a unique and urgent response.

Protect Your People

First and foremost, ALL personnel should IMMEDIATELY vacate the aisle where the critical damage occurred and, at minimum, the adjacent aisles on each side. These aisles should remain clear until pallet rack repair is complete and the threat fully mitigated.

Secure the Scene

Without placing yourself or anyone else in jeopardy, immediately close the designated aisles to both pedestrian and equipment traffic by deploying safety cones, retractable barriers, or other means. 


MTAC offers the Collapse Prevention ARK™ (Accelerated Response Kit) which contains everything needed to quickly secure the immediate area, including six (6) safety cones and six (6) magnetic base retractable barriers to cordon off three aisles, and six (6) Damaged Structure Warning Signs to alert approaching traffic, all housed in a mobile locker for convenient storage and a rapid response.

Determine the Danger

The Rack Safety Officer should cautiously assess the damage from a safe distance. In this critical moment with so much at stake, what’s needed is not a hero, but rather a cool head with a careful response to what the threat assessment reveals. A wrong move at this point can easily trigger a catastrophic collapse, and that reality should govern every step. 


MTAC recommends a member of your staff use a caged forklift to safely take pictures of the damaged structure. Those photos, along with other information, will help determine the correct solution for your specific situation.

If a collapse threat is imminent, you may want to alert local authorities of the situation. Should a 911 call be needed, be sure to mention potential “Structural Collapse” and/or “Hazmat Threat” (if it applies) to ensure the appropriate apparatus and response strategy is provided.

Hold Off Until Help Arrives

The rack structure is fully compromised when the load-carrying capability of one of its columns has been destroyed. We strongly recommend that you do NOT try to offload materials from a highly unstable structure. Instead, you should call on your pallet rack repair group to quickly respond to the situation and repair the damage.


If you suspect your pallet rack damage may be critical, PLEASE CALL 503-UPRIGHT for immediate assistance and to schedule a rapid pallet rack repair as the situation requires.

In situations where damage is deemed critical and a collapse potentially imminent, the patented design and process of UpRight opens the door for MTAC to offer Rapid Response one-day emergency service. Depending on site location, and facility-specific data being already obtained, critically damaged racks can be repaired within 24 hours of receiving a purchase order – an industry first!

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There is no faster solution to repair pallet rack damage and reduce the threat of a disastrous collapse than UpRight Rapid Rack Repair.

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