What separates good teams from truly great ones is the level of preparation that happens before the game ever begins. Formulating a solid game plan ahead of time is essential to success. Without that everything is a guessing game – one more likely to be lost than won.

The MTAC Scouting Report allows us to quote your initial CrunchTime Baseline Assessment where we gather the math behind the engineering of your racks, note additional relevant details, and identify any existing major or critical damage as described in our Damage Assessment Guide. Baseline data is stored in our library, allowing us to respond quickly and accurately when emergencies arise.


The foundation of a winning game plan is a detailed scouting report which highlights the challenges to be faced and outlines a unified strategy that leads to victory for the team. Likewise, answers provided on the MTAC Scouting Report tell us what to expect so we can plan for an effective and efficient time at your facility.

Getting these vital statistics into our system unlocks our revolutionary approach to the entire rack repair process: CrunchTime Damage Assessments™Waitless Estimates™, and the patented UpRight Rapid Rack Repair™ Solution – and it all starts here!


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